Elephant Passage



Elephant Passage is nestled strategically in Munnar, away from the hustle and bustle of the usual tourist hubs of Munnar. Here you have privacy, peace and serenity beyond compare. Due to the location advantage and superb architectural planning, the units are ergonomically tucked into the forest terrain without causing visual environmental discord.

When you look outside from your balcony, all you see are layers of forest all around you in resplendent deep green shades in day light and layered purply grey hues of mountains during the soothing coolness of dawn and dusk. Imagine all that visual treat subtly blended with the harmonious tweets of exotic birds!

You will certainly be mystically entrapped in a never before peacedriven experience of utmost bliss at Elephant Passage. We want you to enjoy and unwind. It is our ardent hope that when you leave Elephant Passage, you are self-transformed and rejuvenated to the core.